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Do you like donuts?

I believe most Malaysia do love donuts.

They are simple, convenient and delicious.

Would you like to learn how to bake donuts at home?

If you do, then we have the right baking course for you.

One of our baking partners conduct specialty donuts baking classes in her baking boutique in Kuala Lumpur.

Her classes are conducted in 3 hours and usually done on the weekend.

What you will learn in the donuts baking class

The following are some of the topics covered in the class:

1) Understanding the importance of yeast in donuts.

2) Making fresh donuts dough.

3) Donuts frying.

4) Choosing your fillings.

5) Topping and decorating.

6) Choosing your glazing – Classic, chocolate, maple syrup etc.

Pictures of previous donuts baking course

Check out some of the pictures taken during the last baking class.

Making dough

Frying donuts

Fresh fillings

Donuts topping

Previous Students

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If you are, contact us right now.

The class is a special request arrangement meaning it will only be conducted when there are sufficient number of students that signed up.

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