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If you have decided that you want to become a good baker, then you must start taking up basic baking and pastry classes.

Through beginner classes in baking and pastry, you will know the meaning of being a true baker and the essentials needed in producing a heart-warming breads and pastries.

So what is baking in the first place?

And why does a good baker needs to learn the true meaning of baking first before he could create the best breads and pastries in town?

Watch the YouTube video below where Paul Hollywood, an Artisan Baker, talks about the Science Of Baking.

Learning The Essential Of Baking

First of all, baking is one method of cooking.

Bread is the most common food being baked; and almost all places in the world eat bread.

Pastries on the other hand are different with bread since they have higher content of fat.

Regarding the reason why anyone who dreams of being a bakery chef should go to baking and pastry classes is because baking is not just cooking.

It is a mixture of cooking, creativity, organization and balance.

If you bake a cake, it is not you who will eat it, but the customer who will buy it.

It is very important in the industry of breads and pastry to give the most satisfaction to the customers in order to grow.

The taste and the appearance of the breads and pastries are the ones that a probable to be avid costumers always look at.

Eating is a pleasure not just a satisfactory operation to satiate one’s hunger.

Before starting up your career of being a baker, you will need to study first the essentials of putting up your career as a baker.

This is enhanced in attending baking classes.

Usually the basic lessons that baking classes offers are:

1) The fundamentals of baking and pastry.

2) Basic procedures of breads & pastries.

3) The necessary tools and equipments needed in starting up your career as a baker.

Different types of bread and pastry needs different types of equipment although the basic tools are almost the same there are additional tools used in some products.

4) Language in baking.

5) Mathematics in baking such as measurements and baker’s math.

6) The sanitary precautions needed in baking.

Cleanliness is always the most significant factor in cooking any food to avoid diseases and illness.

7) Advanced pastry methods.

8) Chocolate and sugar works in breads and pastries.

9) Cake decorations

10) All about syrups, creams, custards, puddings, mousse, soufflés.

11) Baking pies, tarts, cookies, different types of cakes and other types of bread.

Being a baker is not easy.

It requires hard work, physical strengths, patience and mental alertness.

When someone starts to work as a baker, he or she will need to work as early as 3 – 4 in the morning.

Although people who give their lives to baking are passionate enough to disregard all this hardships, it is indeed necessary for a person who wants to be a future baker or pastry chef to acknowledge this hardships and fulfill their dreams of being what they really want to be.

Weekend Baking Classes

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