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Have Your Cake And Vegan Too

If you are a vegan in Malaysia, getting into the art of baking can be quite challenging.

The challenge for pure vegetarian is no dairy and no egg.

If you want to bake a sweet dessert, 2 of the main ingredients are dairy and eggs.

So what can you do as a vegan?

Well, you have to be creative and find substitute.

For example, you can replace butter with olive oil or coconut oil.

Often, cakes baked with substitute ingredients can turn our fairly satisfying.

Replacing eggs in the cake recipe can be tricky.

There are several alternative.

The best option is chia seeds soaked in water.

When you mixed chia seeds in water, it does create an egg-white like consistency.

However, chia seeds do absorb a large amount of water during cooking and you will need to increase the water portion in the recipe to compensate.

Are you interested to learn how to bake vegetarian cakes and desserts?

If you are, check out the classes below.

3 Types of Vegetarian Cakes

You will learn the following:

Vegetarian Honey Butter Cake

Mocha Walnut Vegetarian Cake

Vegetarian Chocolate Chip Cake

Fee: RM200.00


Sample vegetarian cakes 1


Sample vegetarian cakes 2

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