5 Vacuum Sealer Reviews In Malaysia – Top Reviews & Prices

Food vacuum sealer

How do you keep your baking or cooking ingredients fresh for a longer period of time?

Any cooking ingredients taken out from its packaging will start to loose its “freshness” due to oxidation.

To prolong it’s freshness, you would have to keep it in the fridge or freezer in a vacuum sealed pack.

So now, which vacuum sealer should you get for your kitchen?

In order to answer that question, I did some research online.

I’ve checked the online shopping portal, Lazada Malaysia to find out which are the most popular vacuum sealers listed on the site.

The selection criteria is quite simple.

Firstly, I will select the branded model and then I will select based on user feedback.

A high number of user feedback means the product is selling well and the buyers are generally happy with their purchase.

The following are my 5 recommendation.

Recommended vacuum sealer

1) Quiware VS128 Vacuum Sealer


First on the recommendation list is the VS128 Vacuum Sealer by Quiware.

Product wise, it has all the standard features you’ll find on a vacuum sealer.

What I am interested on is the user review.

As I am writing this post, the VS128 has 8 user reviews with multiple 5 stars product rating.

Since the unit is from a local supplier, your order will be delivered to you within 5 working day.

Your purchase is also covered by a 1 year local manufacturer warranty.

The VS128 is selling at RM699.00

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2) Reelanx AC100 Vacuum Sealer


Next on the recommendation list is the AC100 Vacuum Sealer by Reelanx.

This model has gather a total of 2 user reviews with 5 stars product rating.

The drawback is, the unit is fulfilled by an oversea supplier. Therefore, it may take up to 2 weeks to receive your order.

Note, the AC100 has no warranty. Luckily, it is relatively inexpensive.

The unit is selling for RM166.00.

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3) Generic Multi-function Vacuum Sealer 1

Generic sealer

Quiware and Reenlanx are the 2 branded vacuum sealer that I found on Lazada Malaysia.

The following units are generic brand or original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Nonetheless, some of the OEM unit has quite a number of user reviews.

For example, the 3rd on the recommendation list is a generic multi-function vacuum sealer which has 5 user reviews.

This unit is also shipped from overseas therefore no warranty given.

This particular unit is selling for RM202.00

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4) Generic Multi-function Vacuum Sealer 2

Generic sealer 2

The second generic multi-function vacuum sealer is quite special because it comes with an EU plug.

The EU plug is a feature where you suck all the air out from a storage container.

This OEM unit has 3 user reviews and surprisingly all 5 stars product rating.

The supplier is from overseas therefore no product warranty offered.

This unit is selling for RM219.00.

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5) Generic Multi-function Vacuum Sealer 3

Generic sealer 3

The last on the recommendation list is the 3rd generic multi-function vacuum sealer.

This unit has 2 user reviews with 4 – 5 stars product rating.

This unit comes with 100 free sealer bag.

It is fulfilled by a local supplier and your purchase is covered by a 14 days easy return policy.

Price wise, it is selling for RM436.00.

Click here to order OEM vacuum sealer No.3


There you have it, the list of my recommended vacuum sealer available on Lazada.

As mentioned above, my selection criteria is quite simple.

I look for branded product and user reviews.

I’ve made many purchases on Lazada and buying a product based on user reviews has never gone wrong.

If you need a vacuum sealer for your kitchen, head over to Lazada and get yours right now.

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