6 Stand Mixer Reviews In Malaysia – Top Reviews & Prices

If you are an avid home baker, one of the most useful equipment you can have in your kitchen is a stand mixer.

The key benefit of a stand mixer is to save you time.

This is especially important if you are planning to bake a large batch of bread, cakes, cookies etc.

If you don’t have a counter mixer, you should definitely get one.

But the question is, which model should you buy?

Which one is the best?

Stand mixers in the market come in different price range and with different features.

In order to help you with your selection, I’ve did a research on the different stand mixers listed on the online shopping portal, Lazada Malaysia.

The list of recommendation is based on the brand popularity and users feedback.

Priority is given to models which have high number of user reviews and feedback.

Feedback on Lazada means that particular model is selling well and the past buyers cared enough to share their experience.

Recommended stand mixers

1) Russell Taylors SM-1000 Stand Mixer

Taylor Russel mixer

The first on my recommendation list is the SM-1000 stand mixer by Russell Taylors.

This unit has a 5.0 L stainless steel mixing bowl and utilizes a 1000W motor.

What impresses me is the high number of user reviews.

As when I am writing this article, there are a total of 131 reviews!

That is a big number and it was given 4 – 5 stars product rating.

Since the SM-1000 is by a local supplier, you will get your order within 5 working days.

Your purchase will also be covered by a 1 year local manufacturer warranty.

The SM-1000 is selling at RM290.00

Click here to order Russell Taylors stand mixer

2) Khind SM350P Stand Mixer

Khind mixer

2nd on the recommendation list is the SM350P Stand Mixer by Khind.

Feature wise, the SM350P has a standard stainless steel bowl and uses a small 600W DC motor.

But what I am interested to look at is the user reviews.

This model has gathered a total of 58 reviews. That is a good sign!

As with all Khind product, you will enjoy a fast delivery period of 5 working days.

This unit comes with 1 year local manufacturer warranty.

Price wise, it is selling at RM295.00.

Click here to buy Khind stand mixer

3) Innofood KT708 Stand Mixer

Innofood mixer

Next on the recommendation list is the KT708 Stand Mixer by Innofood.

One stand out feature of this model is the size of the stainless steel mixing bowl. It can hold up to 7.0 Liters!

If you bake in large batches, this unit is ideal for you.

The unit is also from a local supplier, therefore fast delivery time.

Your purchase also comes with the standard 1 year local manufacturer warranty.

How about the user reviews?

This particular model has 25 feedback from past buyers with top 4 – 5 stars product rating.

The selling price for the KT708 is RM699.00.

Click here to order Innofood stand mixer

4) Morgan MSM-SB1500 Stand Mixer

Morgan mixer

4th on the list is the MSM-SB1500 Stand Mixer by Morgan.

The MSM-SB1500 mixing bowl size can hold up to 6.7 L.

This model uses a high power 1500W motor to spin the mixing blades.

Features wise, it has a variable 8 stepless speed and pulse function.

This unit has 18 reviews with high 5 stars product rating.

As with all Morgan product, the delivery time is very fast when you place your order on Lazada.

Your purchase is also covered with a 1 year local manufacturer warranty.

This unit is selling at RM945.00.

Click here to order Morgan stand mixer

5) Sharp EMS80WH Stand Mixer

Sharp mixer

Next on the list is the EMS80WH Stand Mixer by Sharp.

This unit was chosen based on its brand popularity in Malaysia and also user review.

The EMS80WH has 5 reviews with high 4 – 5 stars product rating.

This unit has a fast 5 days delivery and your purchase is covered by a 1 year local manufacturer warranty.

This model is selling at RM439.00.

Click here to order Sharp stand mixer

6) Philips HR7915 Stand Mixer

Philips mixer

Last on the recommendation list is the HR7915 Stand Mixer by Philips.

This particular unit is quite small, but I’ve included it because of its brand popularity.

The HR7915 uses a small 300W motor and the bowl capacity is 4.0 L.

It’s unique selling point is the 2 years local manufacturer warranty.

It also has 9 user reviews with high 5 stars product rating.

The HR7915 is selling at RM400.00.

Click here to buy Philips stand mixer


There you have it, my list of recommended stand mixers available on Lazada Malaysia.

Obviously, the list above is not comprehensive and there are other brands and models of mixer listed on the portal.

As mentioned above, my selection criteria is based on brand popularity and users feedback.

If you need a mixer for your baking needs, head over to Lazada and order your unit right now.

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