5 Best Slow Juicer In Malaysia – Top Reviews & Prices

Slow Juicers

If you bake your own homemade bread using organic flour without any preservative, most probably you are the type of person that values a healthy eating lifestyle.

Who doesn’t want to stay healthy?

If you are into healthy food, chances are, you would have seen a very special type of juicing machine call a slow juicer.

There are numerous benefits a slow juicer have compared to a regular high speed rotary blade juicer.

Some of the benefits of a slow juicer are:

– Ability to extract more juice compared to a regular juicer. In fact, a slow juicer can extract 35% more juice.

– Ability to preserve the juice nutrients. Because a slow juicer uses a screw mechanism to apply cold compression to extract the juice, the liquid generally does not get heated up.

Cold compression will preserve the vitamins and enzymes in the juice.

Okay, all of us agree that a slow juicer has a lot of benefits, but the problem is, which one is the best in the market?

Which unit should you buy?

In this article, I thought of sharing my recommendation of the best slow juicing machine available on the online shopping site, Lazada Malaysia.

My recommendation is based largely on the brand popularity and also users reviews and product rating.

Recommended slow juicer models

1) Midea Slow Juicer Slim Model WJS1221F

Midea WJS1221F

First on the list of my recommendation is the Midea Slow Juicer Slim Model WJS1221F.

This model is my number 1 pick because it has more than 30 user reviews on Lazada.

This model was given top 5 stars product rating.

When your order the Slim Model WJS1221F, the unit will be delivered to you within 5 working days.

Your purchase is also covered by a 14 days easy return policy in case you are not happy with the product.

This unit is selling at RM393.00.

Click here to order Midea Slim Model slow juicer

2) Midea WJS15E28 Slow Juicer

Midea WJS15E28

The second recommendation from my list is also a product from Midea. It is the model WJS15E28 Quality Whole Slow Juicer.

This is the higher end range compared to the WJS1221F Slim Model.

This particular unit has 33 positive 5 star product reviews from past buyers.

Since it is from a local supplier, you will receive your order within 5 working days. You are also covered by the 14 days easy return policy.

The Midea WJS15E28 Slow Juicer is selling at RM555.00.

Click here to order Midea WJS15E28 Slow Juicer

3) Philips Slow Juicer HR1830

Philips Slow Juicer HR1830

The 3rd on my recommendation list is the Philips Slow Juicer HR1830.

This unit has over 12 user reviews. It was given 4 to 5 star product rating for user satisfaction.

Since it is from Philips, it comes with 2 years local manufacturer warranty.

The Philips Slow Juicer HR1830 is selling at RM430.00.

Click here to order Philips slow juicer

4) SKG A8/Plus Multifunctional slow juicer

SKG A8/Plus

Next on the list is the A8/Plus Multifunctional slow juicer from SKG.

This unit has 2 positive reviews from past buyers.

This is a high end unit and has to be imported from overseas.

The product is covered by a 7 days easy return policy.

This unit is selling at RM649.00

Click here to order SKG slow juicer

5) Happyhome HH-011 Slow Juicer

Happyhome juicer

Lastly, it is the HH-011 Slow Juicer from Happyhome.

This unit has more than 6 postive reviews and has 4 – 5 stars product rating.

Since it is from a local supplier, you will receive your order within 5 working days.

As usual, you are covered by a 14 days easy return policy in case you are not happy with the product.

This juicer is selling at RM525.00

Click here to order Happyhome slow juicer


There you have it, the list of recommended slow juicer available on Lazada Malaysia.

If you are planning to buy an electric kitchen equipment on Lazada, make sure you choose the model that has multiple user reviews.

The user reviews show that the unit is selling well online and buyers cared enough to give you their personal feedback.

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