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Learn To Make Short French Pastry

France is the home of mouth watering delicacies, and one of these is a food for people with sweet tooth.


If you have business or you just love to bake, then short French pastry lessons are very beneficial for you.

In French pastry classes, one will learn on how to bake mouth-watering cakes, macaroons, tarts, custards and other types of pastries.

France is the home of beautifully crafted cakes and pies.

What is unique with the French is that they always make their delicacies with so much care and perfection.

Precision and creativity are very important.

The pastries that we love to eat are always being carefully baked by people who dedicate themselves in the art of baking.

5 Things You’ll Learn

Nowadays, culinary and baking schools are starting to offer short courses about French pastry.

In these courses one will be able to learn part-by-part lessons about the essentials of baking.

It gives opportunity for people who are working, yet wants to learn baking pastries and to people who have limited budget.

Here are some of the things that one can learn from short French pastry lessons:

1) Sanitation and Food Safety

Sanitation is a very important aspect in starting baking or cooking food.

In this lesson, the student will learn how to handle ingredients and bake properly in order to prevent contamination of food.

Proper preparation, storage and delivery are the most basic things teach here.

2) Food Service Technology & Basic skills

The proper measure of sugar, eggs, wheat and other ingredients to produce a high quality and delicious pastry is the focus of this lesson.

The student will learn the chemistry of baking and the usage of various tools and equipments in baking.

Some of the basic skills such as language and mathematics of baking are also taught in this course.

3) Origin of Pastry and Bread

The goal of this lesson is to teach the students about the history of pastries and bread.

The student is taught of classic European recipes, but at the same time of the modernize versions of each.

Here, the science of combining ingredients and effect of temperature are explored.

Some of the basic ingredients are also introduced and explained so that the student will learn how to reach their desired effect.

4) Art of Pastries; Sugar and Chocolate Confectionery; Chocolate & Sugar Decoration & Sculptures

Appearance is the first thing that a person will look at before he/she will eat.

The decoration attracts people as it implicitly says “I am delicious so eat me!”

This is the part where the student will learn how to decorate their own works.

5) French Cakes and Tarts

This part teaches the harder type of pastries as it dwells with cakes and tarts.

After this lesson the students are expected to be able to make their own cake.

Many people want to learn how to make pastries and through attending short pastry classes, one will enjoy the art of pastry and at the same time, the science of baking.

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