4 Best Sandwich Maker In Malaysia – Top Reviews & Prices

Do like sandwiches?

Personally, I love sandwiches because I find them very convenient.

Sandwiches can be simple with 2 pieces of bread and a slice of cheese in between.

You can even just spread butter or kaya on the bread.

You can even make an elaborate club sandwich with layers of minced chicken, sausages, greens, mustard, tomatoes, onions etc.

However you make your sandwiches, it is best to toast the bread.

A toasted bread will give a nice texture and crispiness when biting into it.

Should you use a regular toaster to toast the bread, or would you rather use a purpose built sandwich making machine.

Obviously, in order to make a really nice sandwich, it is best to use a sandwich maker.

The question now is, which sandwich maker should you buy?

Which one is the best for your kitchen?

In this article, I will share with you my list of sandwich maker recommendation.

I did my research on the online shopping site, Lazada Malaysia.

The individual model was selected based on brand popularity and users’ review.

Recommended sandwich maker

1) Kenwood Sandwich Maker SM650

Kenwood sandwich maker

First on my list is the Sandwich Maker SM650 from Kenwood.

What impressed me about this unit is the number of user reviews.

As of writing this article, the SM650 has over 36 user reviews.

It also received 4 to 5 stars product rating.

The product comes with a 1 year local supplier warranty.

When you order the unit online, it will be delivered to you in 3 working days.

The SM650 is selling at RM124.00.

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2) Philips Sandwich Maker HD2393

Philips Sandwich Maker

Second on the list is the Philips Sandwich Maker HD2393.

This unit has collected 9 user reviews and was given 4 to 5 stars product rating.

Since it is from Philips, you don’t have to worry about customer service.

The HD2393 comes with 2 years local manufacturer warranty.

When you order it online, it will be delivered to you within 7 working days.

Price wise, it is selling at RM105.00.

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3) Panasonic NFGW1 Sandwich Maker

Panasonic Sandwich Maker

3rd on my recommendation list is the Panasonic NFGW1 Sandwich Maker.

This unit has more than 3 user reviews and was given mainly 5 stars product rating.

When you buy the NFGW1, you will be covered by a 1 year local manufacturer warranty.

Since it is from a local supplier, your product will be delivered to you within 3 working days.

The unit is selling at RM105.00.

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4) Tefal Snack Collection SW856D65

Tefal Sandwich Maker

On the higher end side, the next sandwich on my recommendation list is the Snack Collection SW856D65 by Tefal.

This unit has 7 reviews and top 5 stars product rating.

It has a 1 year local supplier warranty and fast delivery of 3 working days.

Price wise, it is selling for RM318.00.

If you have the budget and want to go for a top range sandwich maker, this model is for you.

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There you have it, my list of recommended sandwich makers available on Lazada Malaysia.

If you need a new kitchen equipment to help you prepare the prefect sandwich, order one right now.

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