Russell Taylors Bread Maker In Malaysia – Read This First

Bread Maker

If you are planning to buy a Russell Taylors bread maker in Malaysia, the following are some of the things you need to know in order to manage your expectation on the product.

In this post, I won’t be doing a review on the bread maker and neither will I list out all the features of the unit. You can find those information easily by doing a Google Search.

The current model in Malaysia is the large bread maker 2.0LB BM-10.

I thought of sharing the information I’ve found after reading the comments by buyers on the bread maker on Lazada Malaysia.

The following are 4 points you need to know before you make a purchase.

1) No local store

Firstly, as I am writing this post, as far I know, there are no Russell Taylors shops in Malaysia.

Russell Taylor products such as pressure cooker, sandwich maker, waffle maker, mixer, blender, juicer etc are sold mainly on Lazada Malaysia.

So, don’t go out to find their store in the market.

2) Delivery charge not included

The Russel Taylor bread maker listing price on Lazada Malaysia is RM188.00 (They might increase the selling price in the future).

When you place an order, remember, there will be an additional RM8.50 delivery charge within Peninsular Malaysia.

3) No warranty card included

When you receive your order, you won’t find a warranty card in the box.

Don’t worry, the product has a 1 year local manufacturer warranty.

Just send an email to if you have any issue with the unit.

Just forward to them your Lazada purchase number and receipt.

4) Confusing program details

Some buyers also find it hard to read the program detail on the menu.

This is not a big issue. I’ll list out the program menus below:

1) Basic bread

2) Quick bread

3) Sweet bread

4) French bread

5) Whole-wheat bread

6) Rice bread

7) Gluten-free bread

8) Dessert

9) Mix

10) Dough

11) Knead

12) Cake

13) Jam

14) Yogurt

15) Bake 1

6) Sticky rice

17) Rice wine

18) Defrost

19) Stir-fry


In conclusion, the Russell Taylors bread maker is a good electrical equipment to have in your kitchen.

For it’s relative inexpensive price, it does offer a lot of features and benefits.

If you are planning to buy a unit, just know the 4 points mentioned above in order to manage your expectation.

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