Attending Patisserie Classes – Learn 5 Types of Delicious Pastries

Baking Pastries For Beginners

Do you think that your destiny is pulling you to become a pastry chef?

Do you have the passion in baking cookies, tarts and pastries and you want to enhance your knowledge in baking?

Do you want to incorporate your creativity in the art of patisserie?

Being a pastry chef requires detail orientation, so if you think that you want to pursue your passion in baking pastries and learning the art of patisserie then you should think of attending some patisserie classes.

Watch the YouTube video below for some patisserie magic.

For a brief background, a patisserie is a type of French or Belgian bakery that focuses and specializes in pastries and sweets.

In some countries like in France and Belgium, a bakery can only use the title of patisserie when they employ a licensed master pastry chef.

It is someone who completed a training process, usually as apprentice and passed a written examination.

But aside from Belgium and France, patisserie is also known and can be seen in other places in the world.

Being a patisserie requires in-depth knowledge on baking pastries and desserts.

Baking pastries need attention in the process to produce the perfect softness, crustiness and taste.

Types Of Pastries

Here are some of the types of pastries:

1) Shortcrust pastry – It is the most common pastry.

It is mainly used in tarts.

2) Flaky pastry – It is a pastry that expands when cooked due to the layers it has.

It is crisp and buttery and the “puff” is due to the layers of butter or fat which expands when baked.

3) Puff pastry – It is a pastry made by flour, butter, salt and water.

Like the flaky pastry, it has layers that expands or puff.

4) Choux pastry – It is a very light pastry that is often filled with cream.

Some of the most common type of Choux pastry are éclair and profiterole.

Choux pastries can also be filled with ingredients such as cheese, tuna, or chicken to be used as appetizers.

5) Phyllo (Filo) – It is a very thin pastry with many layers.

It is a paper – thin pastry dough. It is often wrapped around a filling and brushed with butter before baking.

When you attend patisserie classes, these are some of the types of pastries that you will learn and explore.

Being a master of all of this and be able to attain the title and privilege of being a patisserie requires long training and apprenticeship, but if you are just interested in learning basic and some of the art of pastry baking then you can also attend patisserie classes.

The art of baking is an asset for a bakery as pastry is always in demand for occasions like birthdays and weddings.

The art of pastry attracts a person that is why this type of craft which is very delicate requires attention and mastery.

A simple mistake can destroy the bread.

Organization and orientation to details are important.

Accurate measurement and patience should be developed.

Lastly, attending patisserie classes does not only teach the fundamentals of baking, but most of all improves creativity and quality of work.

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