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1 Door Fridges

In this post, I thought of doing a listing of the top one door fridge available online in Malaysia.

Why would we need a small fridge with only 1 door?

Most of the time, we’ll see this type of mini fridge available in hotel rooms. Usually, the hotel will use it to chill complementary or alcoholic drinks.

A small 1 door fridge is useful especially if you have a small kitchen or you are renting a room in an apartment or condominium.

My research

As usually, when doing my market research, I will head to Lazada Malaysia.

The reason I use Lazada because they are the largest online market place in Malaysia and they have useful buyers data I can use for my research.

My recommendation is based on customers’ reviews and also the number of feedback on a particular product page.

I will select the fridge brand and model that has the highest number of reviews.

This means, the unit is selling well on Lazada and buyers would spend the time to give their input after making their purchase.

In essence, this is social recommendation.

While doing my research, I came across multiple branded refrigerators from Toshiba, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp and also lower end brand such as Hisense.

Nonetheless, I will only list down the fridge model and price of the unit with the highest recommendation and feedback.

I will also focus only on the fridge with minimum capacity of 100 L.

My recommendation

1) Hisense RR155D5AGN

Hisense RR155D5AGN

First on my list is the Hisense RR155D5AGN 1 door fridge.

As when I am writing this post (February 2018), the RR155D5AGN has the highest number of user review and feedback on Lazada Malaysia.

There were a total 433 reviews and ratings!

This unit was giving high 4 to 5 stars product rating.

This means, a lot of people have bought this mini refrigerator and happy with their purchase.

The following are some technical specification on the fridge.

It has a capacity of 150L. Weighting 22.5 kg and comes with a 1 year local manufacturer warranty.

The Hisense RR155D5AGN is selling for around RM379.00.

If you want to get one for your kitchen, click on the link below.

Click here to buy Hisense RR155D5AGN

2) Hisense RR196

Hisense RR196

Next on my recommendation list is the Hisense RR196. This model is slightly different because it comes in jet black colour.

This unit has 116 customers reviews on Lazada with high 4 to 5 star product rating.

It has a capacity of 170 L and weighing 33 kg. It comes with 1 year local manufacturer warranty.

Price wise, the Hisense RR196 is selling for around RM569.00.

Click the link below if you like the colour and design.

Click here to buy Hisense RR196

3) Sharp SJ-D181SSL

Sharp SJ-D181SSL

Next, it is the branded Sharp SJ-D181SSL 1 door fridge.

This unit has a total of 8 user reviews and high 4 to 5 star product rating.

It has a 165 L capacity and weighing 29 kg.

It also has a 1 year local manufacturer warranty.

The Sharp SJ-D181SSL is selling for around RM569.00.

Click the link below to place your order.

Click here to order Sharp SJ-D181SSL

In Conclusion

There you have it, a list of the best 1 door fridge on Lazada Malaysia.

The listing is based on social recommendation from actual fridge buyers on Lazada.

If you have limited space in your room or kitchen, a small fridge will meet all of your requirement.

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