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7 Tips On Making The Perfect Macarons

Macaron refers to a sweet confection based on meringue and made using icing sugar, almond powder, food colouring, granulated sugar and eggs.

This is a delicious recipe.

However, it is quite challenging to make.

This is the reason why those who plan on preparing them on a regular basis should research about a few tips first, in order to lessen the complexities and difficulties involved in the process.

Check out the YouTube video below for quick instruction on how to make French macarons.

The following how to make the perfect macarons tips will surely provide ease in achieving your desired output:

1. Choose the Right Weather and Humidity when Making Macarons

If possible, prepare your macarons on a sunny weather with low humidity.

In Malaysia where the weather is humid all the time, then consider allowing them to dry first for one hour longer than usual before finally baking them.

This is important when baking the macarons on a very humid or rainy day.

2. Sieve the Almond Meal or Flour Prior to Starting the Recipe

It is possible to make the almond flour at home or buy it at the nearest store.

Make sure to sieve it before doing the directions of the recipe regardless of where you got your almond flour.

This is useful in removing the not powder-like almond bits.

Note that to prepare the best macarons, it is crucial to start by using real almond flour, instead of using just the finely ground version.

3. Consider Using Aged Egg Whites

If possible, avoid using fresh eggs. Aged egg whites are crucial to obtaining your desired output when baking macarons.

Cracking and separating egg whites in a small bowl is also necessary as well as loosely covering the bowl using a paper towel overnight.

4. Make Sure that the Batter is Not Extremely Thick and Runny

An excessively thick batter is not a good idea because this often leads to getting peaks on the piped circles.

A batter with a texture which is too runny will also result to getting imperfect circles.

The right texture for your batter will ensure that the piped circles when preparing macarons can lose peaks within just 45 seconds.

5. Prepare Everything Before Starting

This is possible by weighing and measuring all your needed ingredients before starting.

Sieving the ground almond and icing sugar is also essential.

Those who plan on skipping the sieving step should think twice because this often results to increasing the risk of getting lumps into the mixture.

This leads to flattening the mixture.

6. Slowly Add Sugar

Make sure to avoid adding all sugar into the egg whites all at once.

The best way to add this is in three parts.

After adding the sugar, make sure to whisk the egg white mixture very well.

Make sure that the result is too stiff that it is possible to turn the mixing bowl upside down without causing the mixture to fall out.

7. Use Food Colouring Paste

This is vital when planning to prepare coloured macarons.

Make sure to use the paste instead of food colouring liquid since the latter has the tendency of changing the texture of macaron.

It is also necessary to add the colourings into the liquid egg whites.

It should also be noted that getting darker than what you prefer will considerably lighten with thorough whisking and adding extra sugar.

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