The Secrets To Baking Low Calories Dessert Cakes

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Is it possible to reduce the calories in the cake you baked?

As a matter of fact, Yes you can!

If you know which or what ingredients to use, you can reduce the calories in a slice of cake substantially.

The following are 4 tips on how to bake a low calorie cake.

In this article, I am using carrot cake as an example.

1) Use buttermilk.

Firstly, to bake a really tasty and moist carrot cake, you need to add a lot of oil such as canola oil.

Here’s some figure for you.

A tablespoon of canola oil has about 124 calories.

Most baking recipe for carrot cake will require at least 1 cup of oil.

That is a lot of calories being sloshed into the mix.

What’s the alternative?


Adding buttermilk will add moisture into the carrot cake and at the same time, it will give a tangy flavor into every slice.

How much calories can you reduce by using buttermilk?

Quite a lot actually. 1 tablespoon of buttermilk has only 25 calories compared to 124 calories in canola oil.

2) Use pineapple

If you’ve eaten carrot cake before, you know it is quite sweet.

To cut down on the calories, the trick is to reduce the refined sugar by adding pineapple as the alternative.

Pineapple is readily available in Malaysia all year round.

Use ripe pineapple; cut it into little chunks and add them into your carrot cake.

Alternatively, you can also use canned pineapple.

I don’t really like this approach because canned pineapple has a lot of sugar in them.

3) Use low fat cream cheese

Most carrot cakes have a topping of cream cheese frosting.

They are delicious and personally, I love them!

So how do you reduce the calories?

You can get the calories count down a little by using low fat cream cheese instead of the regular cream cheese.

The reduction is not much but nonetheless, it does get the total calories count down.

4) Use walnut and coconut

Since you are using buttermilk and low fat cream cheese, your carrot cake will not taste as good compared to the original.

This is because you are taking out the fat ingredient.

Remember, in a cake, the fat carries most of the flavor.

How do you make your low fat carrot cake tastes better?

You can do it by adding crushed walnut into the mix and adding coconut flakes on top of the frosting.

If you want more flavor and fragrance, lightly roast the coconut flakes first before you add them on.

There you have it, some ideas on how to reduce the calories in a cake.

Although I used carrot cake as an example, the same principle can be used on any cake.

All you have to do is be creative.

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