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All the people that I’ve interacted on my site have one thing in common…they love to bake.

It is not surprising since this is a site all about baking.

Do you know the benefits of baking are not only for adults only?

Children can enjoy the benefits as well.

So, should you encourage your child to start baking?

Here are 4 reasons why you should.

1) Getting to know real baking ingredients.

Have you tried teaching your kids about real baking or cooking ingredients?

You can show them the ingredients such as flour, baking powder, sugar, eggs, yeast, butter etc, but to see these ingredients in action, the actual learning experience is very different.

When a kid touches flour, they feel a substance very much like talcum powder on their fingers.

But as they mix water, eggs and butter into it, they will experience the magic of creating dough.

I’ve seen it many times in our baking classes for kids, they are really fascinated in the process of mixing fresh dough.

No doubt sometimes it is very messy, but they are really eager to see the end results.

When was the last time you saw your kid really eager and interested to learn something?

Learning how to bake can instill the curiosity in them.

2) Valuable lesson in pre planning

When a child takes up baking lesson, I think the most valuable lesson he or she will learn is the importance of pre planning.

The process of baking is very structured because, you can’t jump into it and try to learn it by trial and error.

Everything has to be measured and used in the right order.

In baking, a child learns the importance of “beginning with the end in mind”.

The recipe is the roadmap to get to the end.

If you follow the instruction, you will get to the end…which is the product you pull out of the oven.

If you divert from the instruction, the end result may be different.

The baking recipe will highlight to them the ingredients and tools they will need in the process.

It is like a treasure map because now they have to source what is needed and get them in order.

As a parent, how important is the process of pre planning to your child?

Sometimes, it is a bit challenging to teach the concept of pre planning to a kid.

With baking, now they have an environment to experience it firsthand.

3) Learning measuring skill

Have your child seen a measuring scale before?

How about a measuring cup or measuring spoon?

Baking is a science, but not an exactly science.

There are certain variances which you can play with in the measurement of the ingredients.

The importance lesson a child will learn here is the measuring metrics such as grams, milligrams, fluid ounce (fl oz), liter, milliliter etc.

If your kid love the subject of science, they will love measurement metrics.

4) The magic of chemistry

When I was growing up, I have no idea about the concept of chemistry.

I have never learn about chemistry in primary school.

The first time I’ve ever smelled a pure chemical substance was when I was in a Form 1 science class.

In Malaysia, I don’t think our children are being thought the subject of chemistry in primary school.

What is the best way to expose them to the subject of chemistry?

Well, baking of course!

When a child mixes different substance such as flour, baking powder, eggs, sugar, butter etc together and put them into a hot oven, something magical happens.

The dough rises up and transform into a cake.

In baking, it gives kids a chance to see for themselves the magic of chemistry in action in the real world.

Beginners Baking Class For Children

The list of baking benefits for children above is not comprehensive because I can think of a dozen more.

If I were to write them all down, this will become a very long article.

No one likes to read long articles on the internet :)

Nonetheless, if you would like to enroll your kid into a baking class for beginners, we do have classes in the surrounding area of Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya etc.

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