5 Simple Steps To Make The Ideal Fruit Cake

Perfect fruit cake

Baking the perfect fruit cake

Everyone who loves fruit cake will surely agree that the perfect one is full of surprises, best to eat after dinner along with fresh tea and deeply spiced.

Fruit cakes refer to dense and heavy cakes with relatively low flour content and have plenty of mixed dried fruits. P

erfectly baked ones are those that mature for a minimum of one month.

Cakes solely baked using dried foods can be expected to last for a few weeks to a month.

Dried fruits

Add your favourite dried fruits

Here are 5 of the most helpful tips for baking the perfect fruit cake if you are interested in baking one:

1. Plan ahead

A perfectly baked fruit cake is one which has been made early.

There are experts in baking who suggest preparing the recipe eight weeks ahead of its scheduled serving date.

There are even others who claim that its taste can improve when stored at the right place for a year.

2. Make sure that the batter is heavy enough

This tip is essential especially when planning to prepare dense fruitcakes like a Christmas cake.

It is essential for your prepared batter to be heavy enough since this ensures the proper suspension of dried fruits and nuts into it.

Note that if your batter is too thin, there is a tendency for the dried fruits to sink into the bottom.

3. Bake slowly using a low temperature

Keep in mind that one of the challenges in baking fruit cakes arise from the extreme sweetness of dried fruits that tend to become bitter, when using an overly high oven temperature.

A wise tip is to use a low temperature (preferably around 250 to 350 degrees) when baking the cake.

Note that there are also recipes that require higher than the standard temperature, but this will be fully based upon the ingredients used.

4. Line your baking pan with brown paper

Lining your pan with around one to three layers of brown paper is often essential in preventing the cakes from drying out or becoming too brown.

Note that baking your recipe might take a long time to complete, so there is a tendency for some of its parts to receive burns if not properly protected.

Preventing your cake from scorching and becoming bitter is also possible by using a thick parchment paper inside the cake pan during the baking process.

A properly lined cake pan also guarantees even heat distribution, which results to fruit cakes with excellent texture and rich taste.

5. Know how to correctly prepare the cake batter

A lot of experts agree on the figures used when it comes to preparing the batter for fruitcakes.

These include using equal quantities of butter, brown sugar and flour and balancing the mixture with an egg for each 50 grams of butter.

For instance, an 8-inch fruit cake often requires 225 grams each of sugar, butter and flour and four eggs to prepare the batter.

Adding one tablespoon of treacle into the batter also works in boosting its denseness and rich sweetness.

Adding extra flour is also useful in balancing a liquid ingredient like fresh orange juice or marmalade.

It should also be noted that the quality of all the ingredients used in your butter plays a primary role in the taste of the output.

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