Eggless Macaron Baking Class @ Petaling Jaya and KL 2017-05-25T17:46:30+08:00

Eggless French Macarons With a Malaysian Twist

Everyone loves French macarons.

However, if you do not consume egg products, you won’t have the opportunity to enjoy this amazing dessert.

Not to worry, our baking instructor has finally perfected his eggless macarons recipe.

Eggless macarons

Eggless macarons

This requires a special trick during the baking process.

It does take a longer time to prepare eggless macarons, but trust me, you will love the taste.

Since this is a special baking class, the instructor will only organise the class when there special requests.

To find out more about the eggless macarons baking class schedule, please click the link below.

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