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This web site was created with the objective of recommending baking and cooking classes in Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding area of the Klang Valley.

I am constantly approaching chefs and baking instructors with the intention to partnering with them. Therefore, when a student signs up to any of the recommended classes, the owner of this web site will be compensated for his effort, time and cost spent to generate the sale.

The money generated from the sale will be used for the maintenance and upkeep of this site.

Throughout the years, I have met many excellent cooks and bakers in the market. They are good in their own field.

However, what is lacking is their knowledge and know how on promoting their classes on the internet.

This is where we provide our services.

We help them to get noticed on the web. Due to lack of time, chefs and bakers may not have the time to run effective advertising and marketing campaign for their planned classes.

We spent time, effort and money to help them bridge that gap. In doing so, it is only fair that we receive a small remuneration for our effort.