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Measuring scale for baking

One of the most essential tool you’ll need when baking in your kitchen is a digital scale.

Precise measurement of flour, sugar, butter, etc is very important in order to achieve the ideal cake that you want.

I’ve searched in Lazada Malaysia and the following are the 4 best digital measuring scales that I’ve found.

My recommendation are based on units with the most feedback and reviews from users.

A large number of reviews means the unit is selling well and the buyers are satisfy with their purchase.

My recommendation

1) My 1st recommendation is the Digital Kitchen Scale Food Measurement Scale – Black.

As I am writing this article (May 2017), this particular unit has more than 6 reviews from buyers.

Generally, this unit was given 4 – 5 stars rating.

What the buyers like about this digital scale is its elegant design and price.

The measuring scale is selling for only RM23.

Black Digital Scale

Click here to check out the black digital scale

2) My second recommendation is the Leegoal 500g Digital Electronic Kitchen Cooking Scale.

This unit has 2 user reviews with 5 stars rating.

The feedback from users is the unit feels like a professional baking accessory.

The selling price is RM26.

Leegoal digital scale

Click here to check out Leegoal digital scale

3) My 3rd recommendation is the Digital Kitchen Scale Food Measurement Scale – Red.

This digital scale has 10 reviews from past buyers.

Past buyers love its striking red colour design.

This unit receive top 4 – 5 stars rating.

The digital scale is selling for RM23.

Red Digital Scale

Click here to check out the red digital scale

4) My 4th recommendation is the Accurate Electronic Digital Spoon Scale.

This scale is rather unique because it is a measuring spoon.

This digital scale has a total of 2 reviews.

Generally, the unit is accurate and easy to use.

The digital scale is selling at RM32.

Accurate Measuring Spoon

Click here to check out the digital measuring spoon


If you are planning to be a good baker, when you bake, your raw material measurement has to be accurate.

Therefore, a kitchen digital measuring scale is a must.

I hope my recommendation list above has been helpful to you.

Happy baking!