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Cake decorating can always be a very obsessive passion to anyone who is into it.

Interestingly, there is a lot beginners can learn about cake decorating.

Here are a few tips we are going to discuss on cake decorating.

The first step to cake decorating is always the mental imaging of how it is going to be.

You need to plan out how it is going to look and manage ingredients accordingly.

Cake Decorating Basics

These are a few basic steps you can can follow:

1. Preparing your ingredients and supplies

Based upon how your cake is going to be be, you need to select the necessary requirements like the cake making equipments and also the flavouring essence.

There are also various dry sprinkling and frosting that can be done on your cake after it is made.

We shall discuss them later.


2. Knowing a few things

Like if you beat the mix of your cake too much; you may add more air into the dough that gives a rubbery effect on the prepared cake.

This is definitely unwanted as most people like their cake to be as much soft and spongy.

3. Layering and assembling

For a multilayer cake the layers can be assembled on a turntable if possible.

Then the top of each layer should be tapered to create that flat surface appearance.

If you want to do some filling at the middle of the cake it can be done then with fillers like liquid chocolate, custards or other fruits and creams.

4. Frosting the cake

This happens to be the most sensitive and the most interesting part of cake decoration and most importantly it is a crucial part that decides the final looks of your cake.

Frosting can be done with a piping bag or a pastry gun for decorating with cream.

Otherwise there are also a lot of other icing agents like chocolate sprinklers, sugar and candy icing, jelly tops and many more.

A nice trail of whipped cream or flavoured whipped cream along the edge of each layer of your cake often adds into a more gorgeous look.

5. Practice, practice and more practice

Finally the very important tip to be be a good cake decorator is practice; because practice makes perfect and the more you are working up with these the better will you be.

Regarding icing of the cake here is a list of few very popular icing ingredients.

1. Cream cheese

A bit heavier kind of frosting usually good for cup cakes or doughnuts that consists of part butter cream and part cheese.

2. Whipped cream

This one is definitely the most extensively used icing agent.

Topping with cold whipped cream with powdered sugar looks very nice.

3. Fondant

Fondant is another heavy frosting that is typically made for celebration cakes.

It contains water, gelatine, icing and castor sugar.

4. Chocolate

The last one is however the best chocolate frosting that needs chocolate powder blended and whipped ; sometimes mixed with milk and sugar for a thicker outlook and is ready to water your mouth.

These are a few simple steps you can follow for some good cake decoration that make your cake look delicious than ever.

Keep following, keep practicing and soon you will be an expert cake decorator in no time.

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