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Learning Cake Icing Secrets Are there any cake icing classes in the surround area of Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Petaling Jaya? As a matter of fact, yes there are. But firstly, why icing decoration is so important for a cake? We all remember the simple birthday cake with ribbons of icing around the edges and a flower or two and the writing Happy Birthday on the top. Cake decorating has risen to a much higher level today. Shows such as Ace of Cakes or Cake Boss have brought the new age cake decorating in to our living room every week. We watch them use fondant to create a smooth surface as their canvas to prepare for the artistically application of edible decorations. The piping of the frosting on the sides in a ribbon design or pipe designs on the side making lace or netting designs. The use of airbrush colouring achieves realistic looking features. They created objects of art using cake icings and coloured sugar. It has taken them years of practice to archive the levels of cake decorating they now produce. Check out the YouTube video below on the basic techniques for decorating a cake with icing. Learning The Basic Of Icing As in all things one must start with basics. Basic methods of making icing and the proper use of a decorating bag are usually in the first lesson. You will learn to use different tips to make stars, flowers, borders and lettering. Techniques such as the use of fondant and gum paste to create decorations and flowers will follow. Soon you will be able to make realistic looking flowers and leaves. With a little time you will master the decorating bag and [...]

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Benefits of Cake Decorating Classes | Baking Class Malaysia

Cake Design & Decorating Lessons When do we eat cake? We eat cake during our birthdays. We eat cake during Christmas, thanksgiving, graduation and even during your cake craving day with no special event involve. In short, cake is being eaten every day in all parts of the world. An event is not complete when there is no cake on the table. Cake signifies that something or someone is special. Cake also adds meaning in an event. For example, when there is a cake, it means that you want to make that day to be special. For people with sweet tooth, cake is one of their favourites. Cake can also reduce stress and make one extra happy. Cake comes with different flavours, colours, designs and shape. The flavour and colour of the cake usually coordinates with the theme of the event. Sometimes it is the favourite of the special person that will be given. But aside from these two basic features of cakes, decorating cakes give extra effect on the cake itself. Cake decorating classes teaches how to put designs and crafts in the cake. There are so many ways in decorating cakes. Cakes are not just flat and circle sweet breads. Now, through attending cake decorating lessons, one will learn of different styles of different places in decorating cakes. This could give additional touch to the cake. You can create personalize cakes if you want. You will learn how to put icings and chocolates. But the best part is that you can be assured that you could say to the very special person who will receive it, that he/she is really special. Cake decorating courses teach students the ways on how to put extra [...]

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Biscuit Decorating Classes For Beginners | Baking Class Malaysia

Biscuit Decorating For Kids And Adults Biscuit serves as an excellent snack both for kids and adults. We all apparently love it. We have it with milk, we have it with tea or coffee and it can be easily served in front of guests. Certainly, the ones we use in fancy occasions, they must be decorated in a glamorous manner. Baking is a wonderful way to set free your stress and release all your creativity on the baking tray. I for one love to experiment in the kitchen and always try to top my last recipe. It does not matter what I’m baking, I really enjoy doing it. I would rate myself as an expert baker, but as tasty as my dishes were, I knew I had to work on my decoration skills. After attending some biscuit decorating classes, I know I can even go pro with my cookies. Checkout the Youtube video below on some ideas to decorate biscuits or cookies. Your Kids Will Love It My kids love cookies and I love baking them. But they tend to enjoy cookies more when the decoration is rather eye catching. For kids, you must try to mix and match different colours and add embellishments so that they can relish the same recipe but with more enjoyment only because of the decoration. I learnt the different art of decorating biscuits and I was really surprised to see how much I could do with the very simple and affordable ingredients. The classes have helped me to understand the creativity that lies beneath decorating and how I could enjoy the process. Creating something yourself is always a fun job and when you can play with several tricks, it [...]

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Where Do You Go To Learn Baking? | Baking Class Malaysia

Where should you go to attend bread baking classes in town? This article will discuss some ideas on locating short bread baking course near you. How many times have you been in a restaurant nibbling on the bread while waiting for your entrée. The bread is warm and crusty on the outside and the center is fluffy. You wonder why you cannot have this at home. You go through a super market with tables loaded with expensive loafs of freshly baked bread. Wondering why can you can’t make those breads. What are the secrets of bread making and how can you learn them? Learning To Bake Bread There are ways for you to learn the secrets of bread making. There are many different opportunities for you to learn bread making. When deciding which bread baking course will best suit you, consider what type of bread you wish to learn how to make. There are many types of breads, Artisan breads are in vogue now. Many classes are being offered, check the internet for a list in your area. What experience you may or may not have in bread making? Why do you want to learn how to bake bread? Are you planning on becoming a professional baker? Are you trying to hone your home baking abilities? Types of Baking Courses Professional baking and home baking classes differ both in technique and cost. You may be looking for something in-between the two. Bake breads to sell at the local market on weekends to supplement your income or just for the joy of baking bread. Bread making brings with it the satisfaction of watching your friends and family enjoy the fruits of your labour. Nothing compares to [...]

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How To Decorate a Cake For Beginners | Baking Class Malaysia

Cake decorating can always be a very obsessive passion to anyone who is into it. Interestingly, there is a lot beginners can learn about cake decorating. Here are a few tips we are going to discuss on cake decorating. The first step to cake decorating is always the mental imaging of how it is going to be. You need to plan out how it is going to look and manage ingredients accordingly. Cake Decorating Basics These are a few basic steps you can can follow: 1. Preparing your ingredients and supplies Based upon how your cake is going to be be, you need to select the necessary requirements like the cake making equipments and also the flavouring essence. There are also various dry sprinkling and frosting that can be done on your cake after it is made. We shall discuss them later.   2. Knowing a few things Like if you beat the mix of your cake too much; you may add more air into the dough that gives a rubbery effect on the prepared cake. This is definitely unwanted as most people like their cake to be as much soft and spongy. 3. Layering and assembling For a multilayer cake the layers can be assembled on a turntable if possible. Then the top of each layer should be tapered to create that flat surface appearance. If you want to do some filling at the middle of the cake it can be done then with fillers like liquid chocolate, custards or other fruits and creams. 4. Frosting the cake This happens to be the most sensitive and the most interesting part of cake decoration and most importantly it is a crucial part that decides the [...]

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