How to Make Fondant Icing In 4 Easy Steps

Simple Fondant Icing For Cakes Covering cakes with fondant icing is one of the most exciting parts of baking and decorating cakes. Cakes covered with fondant deliver a professional and smooth appearance. The good news about making a fondant cake is that it is easy to do at home. Just make sure to have enough patience so you can do constant practice until you perfect the whole procedure. A fondant is good for cakes because it is something which you can roll out, cut, produce stunning colour effects, form into various shapes and imprint designs. When decorating cakes, a wise tip is to fondant a cake using the rolled version. It refers to the easy to shape and flexible icing which helps in creating anything you wish to do with it. These include creating flower or heart cut-outs, ruffle borders and hand-shaped ball. Check out the YouTube video below for a few simple instructions on making a homemade fondant. The following are 4 valuable tips on how to fondant a cake: 1. Gather the Required Ingredients A standard nine or ten-inch cake requires around 2 pounds of fondant in order to cover it. When buying a fondant, make sure to get the rolled one, instead of the pouring version. Making your own is also favourable because it allows using your preferred ingredients. Aside from the fondant, a cake covered with a buttercream layer is also useful in the process. This is a frosting layer which is useful in allowing your prepared fondant to stick into the cake and prevent any imperfections and bumps into the surface. This results to obtaining a clean, smooth and professional-looking fondant layer. Other ingredients needed are vegetable shortening and cornstarch. [...]

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6 Essential Baking Tools | Baking Class Malaysia

Essential Baking Tools You’ll Need In Your Kitchen For those who wish to start baking, there are a few tools that they need to gather in order to make the whole baking process easy. Gathering the right tools needed in the kitchen to start baking can make the process less than complicated. Check out the YouTube video below for the tools you'll need when you are baking in your kitchen. Here is a list of 6 essential baking tools that your kitchen must have: 1. Measuring Spoons and Cups These are essential for baking because these eliminate the guesswork regarding the amount of ingredients needed for your recipes. Using measuring cups and spoons is crucial for accuracy. This results to achieving the right balance of ingredients, thereby leading to a delicious baked product. 2. Baking Pans Commonly used sizes for baking pans include the 8 and ½ inches by 4 and ½ inches, and 9-inch by 5-inch pan. When buying baking pans, remember that the shiny ones have the tendency of reflecting heat which results to long baking times. Using shiny pans also result to getting lighter crusts than breads that are baked using dark pans capable of absorbing heat. There are also specialized pans that are useful for specialty and French breads. 3. Mixing Bowls These tools are useful in the kitchen whether planning to bake on a regular basis or only on certain occasions. A minimum of two large-sized mixing bowls is essential for your kitchen. There are numerous options for mixing bowls since these are available in various materials including stainless, ceramic, glass and plastic. A wise tip is to go for one which provides enough room to mix ingredients. The good [...]

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Baking Bloggers In Malaysia | List Of Malaysian Down To Earth Writers

Baking Bloggers And Writers In Malaysia On this page, I am creating a list of Malaysian writers and bloggers that wrote about the joy of baking on their web sites and blogs. Most of the writers are not professional bakers, but normal Malaysian just like you and me. One thing is for sure, they love to bake and have a true passion for it! It takes a lot of time and effort to take pictures of the baking process, upload the pictures into the web sites, post the pictures one at a time on the page and then write a description on each and every pictures taken. The entire process takes a lot of time and very tedious, I know because I am currently doing the same thing. If they don't have a love and passion for baking, I don't think they will bother keeping a journal and sharing their personal baking experience with everyone on the internet. Some of the writers do run a small / home based business. Meaning they take online orders from their web site, bake the cakes themselves and then delivery the cakes to their customers. One thing is for sure, the cakes they made are unique and done with a lot of tender loving care. The quality, design and I bet the taste is much better compared to factory and production line produced cakes that you'll find the bakery shop. The list below are not in any particular order. As I find new Malaysian writers, I will update the list. 1) Emily's Cooking Foray Writer's Name: Mdm Emily Chiam Note: Mdm Chiam wrote more than just her baking experience, as you can see on her blog, she included a lot [...]

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Short French Pastry Lessons | Baking Class Malaysia

Learn To Make Short French Pastry France is the home of mouth watering delicacies, and one of these is a food for people with sweet tooth. Pastries! If you have business or you just love to bake, then short French pastry lessons are very beneficial for you. In French pastry classes, one will learn on how to bake mouth-watering cakes, macaroons, tarts, custards and other types of pastries. France is the home of beautifully crafted cakes and pies. What is unique with the French is that they always make their delicacies with so much care and perfection. Precision and creativity are very important. The pastries that we love to eat are always being carefully baked by people who dedicate themselves in the art of baking. 5 Things You'll Learn Nowadays, culinary and baking schools are starting to offer short courses about French pastry. In these courses one will be able to learn part-by-part lessons about the essentials of baking. It gives opportunity for people who are working, yet wants to learn baking pastries and to people who have limited budget. Here are some of the things that one can learn from short French pastry lessons: 1) Sanitation and Food Safety Sanitation is a very important aspect in starting baking or cooking food. In this lesson, the student will learn how to handle ingredients and bake properly in order to prevent contamination of food. Proper preparation, storage and delivery are the most basic things teach here. 2) Food Service Technology & Basic skills The proper measure of sugar, eggs, wheat and other ingredients to produce a high quality and delicious pastry is the focus of this lesson. The student will learn the chemistry of baking and [...]

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Attending Patisserie Classes – Learn 5 Types of Delicious Pastries

Baking Pastries For Beginners Do you think that your destiny is pulling you to become a pastry chef? Do you have the passion in baking cookies, tarts and pastries and you want to enhance your knowledge in baking? Do you want to incorporate your creativity in the art of patisserie? Being a pastry chef requires detail orientation, so if you think that you want to pursue your passion in baking pastries and learning the art of patisserie then you should think of attending some patisserie classes. Watch the YouTube video below for some patisserie magic. For a brief background, a patisserie is a type of French or Belgian bakery that focuses and specializes in pastries and sweets. In some countries like in France and Belgium, a bakery can only use the title of patisserie when they employ a licensed master pastry chef. It is someone who completed a training process, usually as apprentice and passed a written examination. But aside from Belgium and France, patisserie is also known and can be seen in other places in the world. Being a patisserie requires in-depth knowledge on baking pastries and desserts. Baking pastries need attention in the process to produce the perfect softness, crustiness and taste. Types Of Pastries Here are some of the types of pastries: 1) Shortcrust pastry - It is the most common pastry. It is mainly used in tarts. 2) Flaky pastry - It is a pastry that expands when cooked due to the layers it has. It is crisp and buttery and the “puff” is due to the layers of butter or fat which expands when baked. 3) Puff pastry – It is a pastry made by flour, butter, salt and water. Like [...]

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