Beginners Baking Class To Make Your Dessert Dream Come True

Learn to bake 4 mouth watering desserts from our baking class Location: Datok Keramat, Kuala Lumpur Date: 9th October 2016 (Sunday) Time:: 10:30 am til end You will learn to bake the following cakes: Nutella Cheese Pie Fudgy Brownie Nutella Cream Puff Blueberry Cheese Pie Fee: RM320.00 Note: Lesson will be taught in Bahasa Malaysia Need more details? Please contact: will.northbound (at)

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The Secrets To Baking Low Calories Dessert Cakes

Is it possible to reduce the calories in the cake you baked? As a matter of fact, Yes you can! If you know which or what ingredients to use, you can reduce the calories in a slice of cake substantially. The following are 4 tips on how to bake a low calorie cake. In this article, I am using carrot cake as an example. 1) Use buttermilk. Firstly, to bake a really tasty and moist carrot cake, you need to add a lot of oil such as canola oil. Here’s some figure for you. A tablespoon of canola oil has about 124 calories. Most baking recipe for carrot cake will require at least 1 cup of oil. That is a lot of calories being sloshed into the mix. What’s the alternative? Buttermilk! Adding buttermilk will add moisture into the carrot cake and at the same time, it will give a tangy flavor into every slice. How much calories can you reduce by using buttermilk? Quite a lot actually. 1 tablespoon of buttermilk has only 25 calories compared to 124 calories in canola oil. 2) Use pineapple If you’ve eaten carrot cake before, you know it is quite sweet. To cut down on the calories, the trick is to reduce the refined sugar by adding pineapple as the alternative. Pineapple is readily available in Malaysia all year round. Use ripe pineapple; cut it into little chunks and add them into your carrot cake. Alternatively, you can also use canned pineapple. I don’t really like this approach because canned pineapple has a lot of sugar in them. 3) Use low fat cream cheese Most carrot cakes have a topping of cream cheese frosting. They are delicious and [...]

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5 Best Oven Brand In Malaysia – Top Reviews & Prices

The Essential Oven If you are planning to learn baking, one of the most essential equipment you will need in the kitchen is an oven. Being a novice baker, what kind of oven should you go for? The following are the top 5 oven brand in Malaysia. I did my research on Lazada Malaysia and my recommendation is based on ovens which have a large number of user reviews. Large number of reviews from users at Lazada Malaysia usually means 2 things: Many people have bought the oven unit - Meaning the over is top selling. They like the oven enough to leave a personal feedback / review on Lazada. Top Brands 1) The first top oven brand and model is Khind Oven Toaster OT 52 R. As I'm writing this article on May 2017, there are more than 215 user review for this particular unit. It seems the main benefits of the Khind Oven are it's large capacity and price. The Khind oven can hold up to 52 litres. The selling price is only RM279. Click here to check out Khind oven 2) My second recommendation is the Hanabishi Electric Oven HA 6180. The HA 6180 oven has more than 80 user reviews. Many users love it because of its ease of use and price. The Hanabishi oven is selling for only RM200. Click here to check out Hanabishi oven 3) The 3rd on my list is the Trio Extra Large Capacity Electric Oven TEO-1201. At the time of writing this post, the Trio TEO-1201 has more than 41 reviews from past buyers. Many buyers like this particular electric oven because of its large capacity and multifunction feature. When you are taking up a new [...]

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5 Simple Steps To Make The Ideal Fruit Cake

Baking the perfect fruit cake Everyone who loves fruit cake will surely agree that the perfect one is full of surprises, best to eat after dinner along with fresh tea and deeply spiced. Fruit cakes refer to dense and heavy cakes with relatively low flour content and have plenty of mixed dried fruits. P erfectly baked ones are those that mature for a minimum of one month. Cakes solely baked using dried foods can be expected to last for a few weeks to a month. Add your favourite dried fruits Here are 5 of the most helpful tips for baking the perfect fruit cake if you are interested in baking one: 1. Plan ahead A perfectly baked fruit cake is one which has been made early. There are experts in baking who suggest preparing the recipe eight weeks ahead of its scheduled serving date. There are even others who claim that its taste can improve when stored at the right place for a year. 2. Make sure that the batter is heavy enough This tip is essential especially when planning to prepare dense fruitcakes like a Christmas cake. It is essential for your prepared batter to be heavy enough since this ensures the proper suspension of dried fruits and nuts into it. Note that if your batter is too thin, there is a tendency for the dried fruits to sink into the bottom. 3. Bake slowly using a low temperature Keep in mind that one of the challenges in baking fruit cakes arise from the extreme sweetness of dried fruits that tend to become bitter, when using an overly high oven temperature. A wise tip is to use a low temperature (preferably around 250 to [...]

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Buttercream Cake Decorating – 4 Simple Tips For Home Bakers

Buttercream Cake Decorating Ideas Mastering all the intricacies involved in decorating cakes usually takes a lot of time. This means that even veteran cake designers are continually on the phase of acknowledging and discovering new tricks and techniques in creating easy yet appealing designs. For those who are presently searching for the best buttercream decorating ideas, the following tips will surely be of great help to them: 1. Give the Icing the Right Consistency If the icing's consistency is not right, then there is a high tendency for its decorations to go wrong, as well. Adding some drops of liquid into the icing can deliver better results in decorating. To ensure that your icing has the right consistency, be aware that there are a few factors that affect it. These include the temperature, baking equipment used, ingredients and humidity. Using a wide range of icing consistencies, when it comes to decorating, is also vital in finding which one is suitable for your buttercream cake recipes. As a general rule, consider adding confectioners sugar when experiencing difficulties creating your preferred decorations. This is also a wise move if your icing is excessively thin. For icing which is too thick, consider adding liquid into the mixture. 2. Research About the Different Types of Icing Using the correct icing for your cake is essential in getting your desired decorations. Remember that while there are icings that work perfectly for soft colours, there are also others that work for bright ones. There are also certain types that dry hard in advance, which supports ease in decoration. When choosing the right icing for your cake and its decorations, consider a few factors such as the texture, climate and flavour of [...]

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