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Learning Cake Icing Secrets

Are there any cake icing classes in the surround area of Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Petaling Jaya?

As a matter of fact, yes there are.

But firstly, why icing decoration is so important for a cake?

We all remember the simple birthday cake with ribbons of icing around the edges and a flower or two and the writing Happy Birthday on the top.

Cake decorating has risen to a much higher level today.

Shows such as Ace of Cakes or Cake Boss have brought the new age cake decorating in to our living room every week.

We watch them use fondant to create a smooth surface as their canvas to prepare for the artistically application of edible decorations.

The piping of the frosting on the sides in a ribbon design or pipe designs on the side making lace or netting designs.

The use of airbrush colouring achieves realistic looking features.

They created objects of art using cake icings and coloured sugar.

It has taken them years of practice to archive the levels of cake decorating they now produce.

Check out the YouTube video below on the basic techniques for decorating a cake with icing.

Learning The Basic Of Icing

As in all things one must start with basics.

Basic methods of making icing and the proper use of a decorating bag are usually in the first lesson.

You will learn to use different tips to make stars, flowers, borders and lettering.

Techniques such as the use of fondant and gum paste to create decorations and flowers will follow.

Soon you will be able to make realistic looking flowers and leaves.

With a little time you will master the decorating bag and using a steady hand and correct pressure produce cakes that are professional looking.

Acquiring Advance Skills

When you’re done with the basics, you will be ready to learn advance techniques such as, feathered frosting, lattice and beautiful filigree icing borders.

There are schools and programs that offer classes in each technique, so you can take the classes in the techniques you wish to learn.

So depending on how far you want to go with your cake decorating skills there are classes to fit your needs.

For the serious decorators that wish to make this a life time career, culinary schools offer complete programs which include the baking of the cakes to the finest detailed decorations.

These classes are usually structured and must be taken from the beginning to ensure each student is on the same level.

Cake Icing For Beginners

If your goal is to make cakes for your family and friends on special occasions there are speciality shops that offer classes on weekends or once a month.

These classes are less structured and a allow students to work at different levels.

Check the bakeries in your area they may hold classes or can refer you to where classes are being held.

Check the yellow pages for local classes.

Check the internet.

You will also find online classes and how to videos on the internet.

Choose the class or program that will fit your goals.

Remember practice makes perfect.

Once you master the basic skills your imagination is your limit.

Tier upon tier you can build and decorate a cake that people will not want to cut.

You will astonish your friends and family and even yourself.

Grab that decorating bag and tips, put your mark on cakes that will be proudly placed in center stage of any table.

Imagine the surprise and astonishment your family and friends will have when you bring your professional graded decorated cake as a hostess gift.

You will no longer need to worry about the bakery getting your cake right or having it get damaged during delivery.

You will be able to bake and decorate the cakes with icing that will outshine your neighbourhood bakery.

Weekend Baking Classes

Are you looking for short baking classes near your area?

If you are, contact us because we run short hands on baking courses conducted by a Malaysian professional bakery chefs who run their own successful cake shop in Malaysia.

Click on the link below to send us your enquiry and we’ll get back to you with the details of the next up coming class.

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