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Biscuit Decorating For Kids And Adults

Biscuit serves as an excellent snack both for kids and adults.

We all apparently love it.

We have it with milk, we have it with tea or coffee and it can be easily served in front of guests.

Certainly, the ones we use in fancy occasions, they must be decorated in a glamorous manner.

Baking is a wonderful way to set free your stress and release all your creativity on the baking tray.

I for one love to experiment in the kitchen and always try to top my last recipe.

It does not matter what I’m baking, I really enjoy doing it.

I would rate myself as an expert baker, but as tasty as my dishes were, I knew I had to work on my decoration skills.

After attending some biscuit decorating classes, I know I can even go pro with my cookies.

Checkout the Youtube video below on some ideas to decorate biscuits or cookies.

Your Kids Will Love It

My kids love cookies and I love baking them.

But they tend to enjoy cookies more when the decoration is rather eye catching.

For kids, you must try to mix and match different colours and add embellishments so that they can relish the same recipe but with more enjoyment only because of the decoration.

I learnt the different art of decorating biscuits and I was really surprised to see how much I could do with the very simple and affordable ingredients.

The classes have helped me to understand the creativity that lies beneath decorating and how I could enjoy the process.

Creating something yourself is always a fun job and when you can play with several tricks, it becomes all very interesting.

Earlier, I used to stick with plain custard cookies, or square cookies, which was no fun for my kids.

With the classes, I learnt how a mere shape can help contribute to take your biscuit one step further.

I also learnt about something so easy and yet elegant to do, like the pinwheel cookies.

They are very much presentable before guests and they look fantastic on the plate without doing anything to them.

Decorating biscuits does not really have a hard and fast rule that you must follow, but basic skill classes help you get acquainted with the enormous opportunities one could explore while decorating your biscuits.

There is really no limit to which you have to conform, my advice is take the classes as a good basic structure, and then add your own embellishment to it.

Pretty Biscuit & Cookies Taste Better

Anything that is pretty attracts people, but you must find an easier and quicker way to make things pretty.

The baking classes helped me to understand that I do not really have to invest hours in the kitchen to create a unique biscuit design, I figured a few tricks and a hint of personal creativity can do the charm.

The shape, the frosting, the flakes, the nuts or only a few tricks with the knife can make your biscuits look stunning.

It helps when you are taking your cookies to a fund raising event or in your kid’s school.

Sometimes presenting them in front of your friends and getting a few complements makes the day.

The best achievement for me is that my kids always love my cookies but I can clearly see they enjoy them a bit more because of the adorable decoration on top.

So be the mommy that not only makes the tastiest biscuits but also makes them look the best.

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