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Basic Baking Classes In Malaysia


We all enjoy a good fresh piece of bread or cake every morning, and half the times we get it from the store or have our breakfast in the local food court.

As long as it is fresh, we don’t really bother that it is not homemade!

But have you ever wondered how much money you could save if you could make those bread or slices of cake at home every day?

Most Malaysian do not think about it because the amount is quite small, maybe RM2.50 to RM5.00.

The Joy Of Baking

Baking seems rather difficult on theory and it is much easier to get things ordered.

But you cannot really overlook the fact that when you bake something and feed it to your family and friends, they seem to enjoy it more and you seem to relish that feeling of creating something from scratch.

But the myth is, “baking is not for everyone”, and often time people believe that saying without even trying it out themselves.

Few years back, I couldn’t imagine myself being a baker.

But with the right information, guidance and practice, I actually made my son a birthday cake!

And now I run a baking school partnering with a professional baker.

7 Things You’ll Learn

In our basic baking class, the following are 7 things you’ll learn:

1) Gain confidence that you can do it

I never thought that I could bake, but after attending a few classes, it helped me find my inner potential which I was certain I didn’t possess.

Each class have helped me gain confidence in me and made me believe I can do it.

2) Learn the enormous arena of baking

Baking is not limited to only, “birthday cakes”, “cookies”, “tart” or “muffins”.

There are numerous other ways you can go with baking.

I was intrigued to find so much option to explore and so many dishes can be tried.

3) The perfect balance of texture

In baking, you cannot just use any ingredients the way you please, every ingredient has to blend perfectly well with the other.

The overall texture should complement the whole dish.

4) The importance of measurement

I never knew that measurements were so important in baking!

The classes helped me to understand that if any component goes even 2 drops more than it should in the recipe, it would not turn out to be perfect.

So always have an eye on the recipe while baking.

5) How to avoid over burn or cracks

While baking, it is essential to not let your dish over-burn.

Always check the temperature given on the recipe and be sure to use that and not improvise.

You can improvise once you are an excellent baker and gain the confidence of experimenting in the kitchen.

The baking classes also helped me to avoid cracks on the puddings, because let’s face it, we often end up with huge cracks on out puddings.

6) The tricks with eggs

While your dish is ready to go in the home kitchen oven, you can brush some egg wash on top to get a very beautiful golden colour on top.

This looks really delightful and adds a professional touch to the dish.

7) The trick with honey

When your dish is out from the oven, add some water with any kind of honey you have and brush some of it on top of the dish.

It gives your dish a glossy texture and adds some flare to the taste as well.

Basic Baking Lesson For Everyone

If you are keen to learn baking, our short basic baking course is designed for everyone.

Our baking classes are conducted by professional bakery chefs who run their own successful cake shop in Malaysia.

Click on the link below to check out our latest baking class schedule.

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