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Essential Baking Tools You’ll Need In Your Kitchen

For those who wish to start baking, there are a few tools that they need to gather in order to make the whole baking process easy.

Gathering the right tools needed in the kitchen to start baking can make the process less than complicated.

Check out the YouTube video below for the tools you’ll need when you are baking in your kitchen.

Here is a list of 6 essential baking tools that your kitchen must have:

1. Measuring Spoons and Cups

These are essential for baking because these eliminate the guesswork regarding the amount of ingredients needed for your recipes.

Using measuring cups and spoons is crucial for accuracy.

This results to achieving the right balance of ingredients, thereby leading to a delicious baked product.

2. Baking Pans

Commonly used sizes for baking pans include the 8 and ½ inches by 4 and ½ inches, and 9-inch by 5-inch pan.

When buying baking pans, remember that the shiny ones have the tendency of reflecting heat which results to long baking times.

Using shiny pans also result to getting lighter crusts than breads that are baked using dark pans capable of absorbing heat.

There are also specialized pans that are useful for specialty and French breads.

3. Mixing Bowls

These tools are useful in the kitchen whether planning to bake on a regular basis or only on certain occasions.

A minimum of two large-sized mixing bowls is essential for your kitchen.

There are numerous options for mixing bowls since these are available in various materials including stainless, ceramic, glass and plastic.

A wise tip is to go for one which provides enough room to mix ingredients.

The good thing about mixing bowls is that these are also very flexible that it is possible to use them in serving salads, dishes and left-overs.

4. Commercial Half Sheet Pans

Go for heavy-duty ones that are typically 18 inches by 13 inches in size.

These pans are extremely useful in baking sponge cakes and batch brownies.

These also serve as excellent cookie sheets.

Another reason why the half-sheet pans are crucial in your kitchen is that this work in protecting your oven from dripping.

These also serve as a tray which allows ease in catching ingredients sprinkled into cookies and cakes.

5. Spatula

Flexible spatulas are useful because of their helpfulness in scraping even the last bits of batter and ingredients from bottles and bowls.

These are also useful in folding delicate ingredients together and gently stirring items in pots placed on top of your stove.

Large spatulas also help in folding flour and sugar into your prepared meringue for angel food cakes and a lot of other recipes.

6. Cooling Rack

While it is possible to cool your baked bread or cake by getting it out of the pan and placing it into the board, remember that doing this often results to allowing the baked good to turn soggy.

A cooling rack guarantees that all your baked goods are evenly cooled because the tool ensures that the air comfortably and freely flows around it.

Other baking tools that your kitchen must have include whisk, mixers, knives, timer, round cutters, pastry brush, food processor and rolling pin.

Having all these prevents difficulties in achieving your desired results when baking.

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