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Baking Classes at Petaling Jaya

Baking and other related baking activities require immense mastery of both practical and technical skills.

This is because the end products are important commercial goods and also for domestic consumption.

Many at times, pastry products are baked in large quantities in automated factories.

In the contemporary society, sanitation, nutritional proportion of the products and the level of complexity employed during baking require substantial understanding and mastery of basic knowledge, skills and expertise in preparation of these products.

In recent times, the Malaysian baking industries have been encountering challenges associated with lack of expertise, technical and practical know how.

This scenario has greatly been affecting both the quality of the products and efficiency involved in their preparation.

Baking classes have existed for a long time in Malaysia.

But hands-on classes sometimes has not been so easy for the potential and interested bakers in this particular area to explore their abilities and talents.

This area has been facing perpetual challenges such as lack of resources, lack of baking instructors are among other challenges.

Luckily, we have a solution for that.

Here at Baking Class Malaysia, we have partnered with an experienced baking and cooking instructor to offer hands-on classes in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

The location of the classes is near the Section 14 mosque or the Jaya 33 Complex.

Check out the class details below.

Traditional Mooncake Class

Date: 12th August 2018 (Sunday)

Time: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Location: Section 14, Petaling Jaya

You will learn to prepare the following:

Moon Cake Pastry

Mixed Nuts – More nuts than you will find elsewhere

Lotus paste with Salted egg

Other Variations

Lotus paste recipe will be provided.

Full hands on class.

Fee: RM150.00

Tea Time Treats

Date: 26th August 2018 (Sunday)

Time: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Location: Section 14, Petaling Jaya

You will learn to prepare the following:

Creme Brulee

Coconut Tart

Fee: RM125.00

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