Baking Bloggers In Malaysia | List Of Malaysian Down To Earth Writers

Baking Bloggers And Writers In Malaysia

On this page, I am creating a list of Malaysian writers and bloggers that wrote about the joy of baking on their web sites and blogs.

Most of the writers are not professional bakers, but normal Malaysian just like you and me.

One thing is for sure, they love to bake and have a true passion for it!

It takes a lot of time and effort to take pictures of the baking process, upload the pictures into the web sites, post the pictures one at a time on the page and then write a description on each and every pictures taken.

The entire process takes a lot of time and very tedious, I know because I am currently doing the same thing.

If they don’t have a love and passion for baking, I don’t think they will bother keeping a journal and sharing their personal baking experience with everyone on the internet.

Some of the writers do run a small / home based business.

Meaning they take online orders from their web site, bake the cakes themselves and then delivery the cakes to their customers.

One thing is for sure, the cakes they made are unique and done with a lot of tender loving care.

The quality, design and I bet the taste is much better compared to factory and production line produced cakes that you’ll find the bakery shop.

The list below are not in any particular order.

As I find new Malaysian writers, I will update the list.

1) Emily’s Cooking Foray

Emily Cooking Foray

Writer’s Name: Mdm Emily Chiam

Note: Mdm Chiam wrote more than just her baking experience, as you can see on her blog, she included a lot of write ups on how she made sweet dessert as well.

Check out her post on Butterscotch Cream Roll-up written on September 2013, it’s pretty darn amazing.

2) Cherry On A Cake

Cherry On A Cake

Writer’s Name: Zurin Ismail

Note: When I first visited Zurin’s site, I thought it was a photography theme blog.

The pictures were simply amazing.

Professional quality indeed.

I won’t be surprised if Zurin makes a living as a professional photographer.

I knew Zurin is a passionate baker when I read the Cappuccino Brownie Cheesecake post.

I made a big mistake here…I read the post on an empty stomach.

At the end of the post, my belly was growling and craving for a piece of cake.

If you are looking for a good Cappuccino Brownie Cheesecake recipe, you can get it here also.

3) Love 2 Cook Malaysia

Love 2 Cook Malaysia

Writer’s Name: Mdm Venisri Senthan

Note: Love2Cook Malaysia site has a really homely feel to it.

It’ very clear, Mdm Sri love her 2 children very much, Rishie and Ashika.

If you were to visit her site, you’ll know Mdm Sir is a great cook, and also a wonderful home baker as well.

Under the “Cake” category of her site, the last time I visited, I counted a total of 27 posts!

That’s a true sign of her passion and dedication.

If you are looking for cake recipes and step by step instructions, Mdm Venisri’s Love2Cook Malaysia is the place you should be.

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  1. Hong April 10, 2015 at 10:02 am - Reply

    Hi Will,

    Can you advise me further more of Malaysian bloggers that blog about baking?


    • Will April 10, 2015 at 2:04 pm - Reply

      There are many more Malaysian baking bloggers. What I’ve written is only a very short list. I wish I have more time to do additional research on it.

      Nonetheless, if you were to Google them, I’m sure you’ll find it.

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