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5 Amazing Fruit Cake Recipes | Baking Class Malaysia

Do you like fruit cakes? Personally, I love them. No doubt, sometimes fruit cake can be too sweet. But usually I have them with coffee or tea. So the sweetness is still bearable. Would you like to try baking your own fruit cake at home? If you do, check out the following 5 amazing fruit cake recipes that I've discovered from the web. 1) Classic fruit cake First, it is the classic fruit cake recipe from Taste Australia. As the name suggests, it is a classic cake perfect for Christmas. Click here for the recipe 2) Moist Christmas fruit cake The second fruit cake recipe is from Rasa Malaysia. Click here for the recipe 3) Nan's boiled fruit cake Next, it is the cake recipe from Good Food Media. Apparently, the fruit cake recipe is from the writer's nan. It is worth trying. Click here for the recipe 4) Moist applesauce fruit cake The following fruit cake recipe is one of my favourite from Taste of Home because it use ample amount of applesauce. A slice of cake is indeed very sweet and packed with calories. If you are on a diet, you may want to pass on this. Click here for the recipe 5) Super moist rich fruit cake Saving the best for last is the super moist rich fruit cake recipe from Food To Love. The cake has a bit of a kick because it uses 2 tablespoon of brandy for the ingredient. If you don't like to use brandy in your cake, you can skip it. Click here to get recipe There you have it, 5 amazing fruit cake recipes that you can try at home. If you are not so sure [...]

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5 Benefits Of Using Almond Flour And Powder For Baking

At the point when the vast majority of us hear "flour", we regularly connect it with wheat. Today, there are numerous more advantageous other options to wheat flour, however. Almond flour isn't the most beneficial option since it has some negative angles, yet it's solid, wet and top notch. There are whitened and unblanched almond flours. The whitened almond flour is significantly more beneficial and superior to unblanched one, which is the reason don't simply get the first almond flour you see yet read the mark painstakingly. The whitened almond flour is low in starches and sugars, high in fiber and protein, and is sans gluten. It's additionally an astounding wellspring of iron, magnesium, riboflavin, potassium, vitamin E and calcium. Regardless of whether you're on an eating routine, or you're attempting to create adhering to a proper diet propensities, you might need to incorporate almond flour in your feast arrange. Here's the reason: 1. It's sans gluten Not at all like different sorts of flours, almond flour is useful for individuals with gluten affectability and those viewing their glycemic list. I have been cooking and heating with whitened almond flour for more than four years and love this solid contrasting option to wheat flour. Whitened almond flour changes from brand to brand, so there's dependably the distinction between almond flours. I've attempted many brands and prescribe you to do your particular research to locate the best sans gluten almond flour for you. 2. It has a high macronutrient content Quinoa and coconut flours are sound and some way or another delightful, yet whitened almond flour is something that many calorie counters ought to attempt. The blanched almond flour has a unimaginably rich macronutrient content. It's [...]

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3 Delicious Indian Dishes Prefect For Deepavali Gathering

Private Weekday Cooking Class In Petaling Jaya Want to learn how to cook but you can only attending weekday cooking class? If you are, check out our upcoming private cooking class in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Date: 30th September 2016 (Friday) Time: 10:30 am - end Location: Petaling Jaya, Selangor (Near Jaya33 Complex) What you'll learn: 1) Smoked Mutton 2) Smoked Brinjal Chutney 3) Oven Baked Naan Fee: RM120 For more information, please contact: will.northbound (at) gmail.com

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Beginners Baking Class To Make Your Dessert Dream Come True

Learn to bake 4 mouth watering desserts from our baking class Location: Datok Keramat, Kuala Lumpur Date: 9th October 2016 (Sunday) Time:: 10:30 am til end You will learn to bake the following cakes: Nutella Cheese Pie Fudgy Brownie Nutella Cream Puff Blueberry Cheese Pie Fee: RM320.00 Note: Lesson will be taught in Bahasa Malaysia Need more details? Please contact: will.northbound (at) gmail.com

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The Secrets To Baking Low Calories Dessert Cakes

Is it possible to reduce the calories in the cake you baked? As a matter of fact, Yes you can! If you know which or what ingredients to use, you can reduce the calories in a slice of cake substantially. The following are 4 tips on how to bake a low calorie cake. In this article, I am using carrot cake as an example. 1) Use buttermilk. Firstly, to bake a really tasty and moist carrot cake, you need to add a lot of oil such as canola oil. Here’s some figure for you. A tablespoon of canola oil has about 124 calories. Most baking recipe for carrot cake will require at least 1 cup of oil. That is a lot of calories being sloshed into the mix. What’s the alternative? Buttermilk! Adding buttermilk will add moisture into the carrot cake and at the same time, it will give a tangy flavor into every slice. How much calories can you reduce by using buttermilk? Quite a lot actually. 1 tablespoon of buttermilk has only 25 calories compared to 124 calories in canola oil. 2) Use pineapple If you’ve eaten carrot cake before, you know it is quite sweet. To cut down on the calories, the trick is to reduce the refined sugar by adding pineapple as the alternative. Pineapple is readily available in Malaysia all year round. Use ripe pineapple; cut it into little chunks and add them into your carrot cake. Alternatively, you can also use canned pineapple. I don’t really like this approach because canned pineapple has a lot of sugar in them. 3) Use low fat cream cheese Most carrot cakes have a topping of cream cheese frosting. They are delicious and [...]

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