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Baking Class Malaysia

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Hands on baking classes

Baking is a big thing nowadays because people love that delicate sweet taste of baked goodies.

If you aspire to be a good baker, the best way to get there surely is to attend baking classes where you will learn the basics and get techniques you can apply as you cook.

Our baking classes will teach students the essentials of how to make those delicious bread and pastries.

Apart from these things, there are several benefits of attending our hands-on baking class.

And we are here to enumerate them to help you decide to attend the next class right away!

The Essentials of Baking

Baking is actually one type of cooking method.

It is a highly in-demand talent in Malaysia since bread is the most baked product of all, and people all over the world eat bread every day.

Pastries is another baking product that is the very opposite of bread.

It is rich in fat and sugar.

If you dream of being a baker, it is essential to attend baking and pastry classes.


Because baking is not simply just cooking.

It needs to be a mixture of creativity, organization, accuracy, balance and talent.

Once you start baking, you do not please yourself, but you have to satisfy the people who will eat your bread or pastry.

Satisfying customers will definitely give you some growth.

Learning the Basic Procedures

Some people think that baking is as easy as putting all the ingredients together, mixing and putting it in the oven.

But it is harder than it appears.

Baking requires some basic procedures that you can learn from those already practicing during hands-on classes.

In baking, basic procedures include proper measurements, the language in baking as you recipes, basic baking maths because you can’t always bake the same amount as in the recipe, and correct mixing styles because it does make a difference!

Baking basics are actually fun and exciting to learn.

It is usually taught the beginning of each baking class and during the class itself.

Trying Tools And Equipment

Baking looks easy, but it’s a little complicated since you need more than just pots, pans, spatulas, and a baking oven.

Cooking different types of bread and pastry require different kinds of equipment that will make it easier to finish your product.

Although there are basic tools doing the same purpose as big equipment, these additional tools make baking more productive when you need to make more of each bread and pastry.

During our hands-on baking classes, you get the benefit of using and trying out different baking tools and equipment that you might not have yet.

This is an advantage to get to use the tool before buying it.

Our baking classes allow their students to learn all the equipment and proper usage.

Advanced Pastry Methods

The easiest baking recipes could be tried at home in one to few trials to master it.

But advanced pastry methods need proper guiding to achieve.

Our baking instructors teach their students during hands-on classes on how to perform advanced pastry methods and recipes to broaden the list of things you can make.

Our baking chefs also share some of their most cherished recipes during classes to help inspire students like you.

Cake Decorations

Baking includes making those delicious and beautiful cakes.

It is one reason why baking requires creativity.

Customers would always want to try cakes and pastries that look pleasing to eat.

You need to use piping bags and tips for basic cake decorations.

But more creative cakes are being made this generation.

And this needs special hands-on class to learn.

Our cake decoration classes involve learning fondants, butter icing, cake drawing, how to properly put icing in a creative manner, and much more.

It is so much fun to decorate cakes because you get to customize cake designs for your family and customers!

More Recipes To Try!

Apart from bread, cakes, and pastries, baking classes include sharing, trying and tasting different recipes including pies, cookies, tarts, different cakes, and different types of bread.

This means more food to eat and more people to please!

Apart from learning more recipes, you can also talk about how to improve the old recipes you have.

Not all recipes you find in books and online work the way you expect it to.

And the best way to improve the recipe is by talking as a group to see which part needs editing, replacement or addition.

It is really fun to get in touch with like-minded people!

Baking is really one tough task.

And being a baker is not easy because it needs a lot of time, hard work, strength, patience, and creativity.

Attending our baking classes can be a huge help in fulfilling your dreams.

Classes Right For You

Are you looking for short duration baking class in Malaysia?

If you are, you’ve came to the right place.

You can join our baking lessons if you are staying within the surrounding area of:

Our baking courses are conducted by a professional chefs with many years of culinary experience and running a successful bakery business in Malaysia.

What will you learn as a student from our bakery and pastry lessons?

You’ll get hands on experience in making:

1) Cupcakes

A quick snack in a cup designed for 1 person. Add a bit of icing and sprinkles on top, heavenly!

2) Cookies

Small, flat and delicious. It’s more then just combining flour, eggs and sugar together.

3) Scones and muffins

Yummy single serving quick bread. Very similar to cupcakes but less sweet.

4) Cakes

Learn to make all types of sweet baked dessert.

5) Tarts

Delicious filling over a pastry base. The top has to be open and not covered with pastry.

6) Pate a choux

Delectable choux pastry art.

7) Brioche

Exquisite French highly enriched bread.

To make its rich and tender crumb, you’ll need to increase the egg and butter content.

8) Doughnut

Lush dough confectionery. Deep fried in fat and glazed with layers of sugar.

9) Puff pastry

Light, flaky and satisfying. Sometimes called a “water dough” or détrempe, always folded and rolled out never mashed.

10) Croissant

Buttery and flaky viennoiserie bread roll in its well known crescent shape.

It is made with a technique called laminating where the dough is rolled and folded several times.

11) Waffles

Leavened batter sweetness

12) Pies

More than just apple fillings. A pie can be single-crust or double-crust enclosed in a pastry shell.

13) Éclair

Oblong pastry with smooth cream fillings. You can use vanilla, coffee or chocolate custard or whatever you fancy.

14) Strudel

The Hungarian sweet dessert for the world.

15) Phyllo

Paper thin with amazing aroma. It is a dough used for making pastries commonly in Middle Eastern and the Balkan.

16) Baked meringue

The magic of whipped egg whites and sugar. They are very light, airy and sweet confections.

17) Gateaux

Tantalizing small chocolaty cakes.

18) Torten

Multi-layered cake filled with whipped cream, butter creams, mousses or jams.

19) Dessert

All version of pudding, custard, mousses and soufflé.

20) Marzipan & Pastillage

A sugary art form. How creative are you?

Learn how to mould almond meal and sugar to make cute sugary treats.

21) Macaroons

Is it a cake, meringue or a cookie? One thing is for sure, they are damn delicious!

22) Cake decoration with icing & fondant

Baking made beautiful. Express your creativity and learn the art of exquisite food presentation.

Our baking classes are conducted in a studio and also home kitchen located in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

The recipes and ingredients will be given and you’ll have hands-on learning experience making the cakes.

Bring your friends and family members and be prepared for lots of fun and laughter!

If you love to bake and want to sign up to our classes, contact us by clicking on the button below and we’ll send to you details of the next up coming class.

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